Most people oversee the importance of prominently displaying their house number properly on their front door. It is important not to as this is literally the first impression that people get when visiting your house. It might be useful to actually step outside the house and view the number on your front door from an outsider’s perspective and ensure the number has enough visibility and not to mention that some stylishness and flair wouldn’t hurt either. Your house number is the only typography on your house so ensure it is clean cut and visible.

The different options to choose from

There are quite a few different types of designs and styles to choose from in terms of selecting the right look for your house number. The look and feel of the number should complement the rest of the house so ensure you get something compatible. Some houses have wall-art numbers which add a modern and funky touch to your front door but would obviously not suit a house with a more classic vibe.

Some house numbers come with a distressed aluminium design which add a solid and rustic touch to your front door but again would only be suitable for houses with a particular style and design. You can also find modern day iron numbers which are big and clunky but have their own appeal at the same time.

The drawback of having an iron house number is that it prone to rust formation which means it is certainly not the most durable option you can go for. Some homeowners go for the simple yet elegant placard with the number clearly displayed on it, sometimes the fancy option is not always the best option. There are door numbers which are called “Chatham Sign Shop numbers” which are ideally made out of weather proof wood with highly visible numbering.

These are easy to read and add a very natural look to your front door and are fairly durable as well. These signs can be hung on a lamp post outside your house for example and you can be sure that any guests trying to find your house would appreciate it. In this day and age there plenty of options to choose from in the door number market with options extending to LED Solar panels in the shape of numbers.

Be sure to pick the right style

Not every style and design will be suitable for your home. You could seek the help of a professional Architect if you feel you need some tips on finding the right style for your house number. It is the little details of a house that actually enhance the overall appearance so if you think that the appearance of your house number is insignificant then think again.

So do your research, pick something cost-effective yet practical. You want elegance and class yet very high visibility and this would vary according to your own personal tastes and preferences.


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