The possession of a pet has many health advantages. They can increase the chances of practicing, getting out and getting together. Blood pressure, cholesterol and triglycerides can be reduced regularly by walking or playing with the pet. Together with us, pets may help to deal with loneliness and depression. Researches have shown that the relationship between people and their animals can increase fitness, decrease stress and give their owners happiness. No matter how much we wish we could talk to our tiny, tail-wagging friend, it was not everywhere this same day, and until then, in non-verbal communication we would have to understand our dogs. The emotional quotient of dogs is said to match a child’s EQ. Emotions like a grown-up adult cannot be expressed and dogs do not understand complex emotions such as guilt, pride, and shame.

We have developed over the years to understand the behavior and characteristics of our pets with his best friend. We have recognized and assessed his idea of right and wrong and trained him to comply with house standards. We have also learned to appreciate this nonverbal communication and to project our words with our actions, such as kissing our puppy while he loves or holding up his pet when he is upset. However, what we do not understand is that dogs also feel other communication patterns

When you adopt a dog ensure that you provide all the necessary care. A dog that provides regular veterinary care for a lifetime is important for your pet and family to be healthy. Good pet health requires regular veterinary visits. Talk about how to maintain a healthy pet for your K9 pal to your pet’s veterinarian. Submit good diet, fresh water, clean bedding and a lot of workout for your pet. Continue with the vaccines of your pet, deworming, and control of flea and tick. Some animals can carry ticks which can spread severe diseases such as Lyme disease and fever in Rocky Mountain. You help keep your pet healthy, and your family healthy. If you have any questions regarding the health of your animal or if you feel your pet could contact your veterinarian.

In addition, you could train your dog to play with your kid to isolate boredom and loneliness. Pets can teach compassion and accountability to children. In order to ensure the safety of the child and the pet, should be monitored in interaction with the animals. Teach children to wash their hands after playing animals or anything in the environment of animals (cages, beds, and food or water dishes). Do not allow children to kiss animals or, after handling animals, put their hands and other objects in their mouths. When children 5 years of age or younger have direct contacts with farmed animals, including petting animals and fairs, adults should supervise and be extra careful.

Finally, dogs are friends who have a strong relationship and are never broken. You will never feel lonely or bored, and it can be witnessed wonderfully.


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