In this present day and age of increasing urbanisation and overpopulation of cities around the world, one of the major problems that have arisen as a result has been the effective use of sanitary systems, so as to make sure the cities remain hygienic and safe for all the inhabitants. With great problems come great innovation and solutions, as there are a number of ways that have been introduced to deal with such a problem in the form of sewage systems. Here are just some of the more common types of systems incorporated in many urban cities around the world;

Septic Tanks

This is generally considered to be a short term solution, as a sewage system of this type can result in overflowing and pollution of natural resources such as wetlands and fresh water rivers. This is often changed after a 10 year period to more permanent solution, due to the health and safety risks associated with it. However, this type of system still proves to be a useful system to many who are building a structure that would generate waste.

Gravity Sewers

Considered to be one of the oldest sewage systems in the world, this type of system relies on the gravity. More often than not, sewage is managed with the help of large diameter pipes that run under the city’s roads. These are considered to be one of the more complex systems out there, due to the laborious work that it entails, since deep excavations have to be made in order to install the pipes in the first place. What makes this even more problematic is the possibility of rat infestation and fat build-up of sewage, due to the slow movement of the sewage.

Low Pressure Pumping Systems

These are systems that use a more personal pumping mechanism that is ideal for households and not really fit for a huge city. This entails the attachment of a municipal scheme with the help of a grinder or a pump, so as to make sure the sewage reaches the right place without any inconvenience caused to the neighbourhood. However, it should be said that this can be quite difficult to maintain, due to the opening up of the entire system allowing sewage to seep out onto the surface, which in turn would be a quite an inconvenience to the neighbourhood.

Vacuum Systems

The most modern type of system out of the lot, the vacuum system is considered to be one of the more environmental friendly ways of disposing personal sewage from properties. This is generally installed when excavation cannot be done due to the hard rock, or due to difficult location. These vacuums are able to suck out all the sewage and transport them to the municipal scheme in an efficient manner. It has to be said, however, that such a sewer pumping station is quite costly and can be quite costly to maintain, due to the high power consumption. However, considering the importance of environment, it certainly proves to be one of the more worthwhile ventures.

Looking at the way sewage is treated, there are a number of options on the table for anyone to try out. However, it is important to consider about the environment, and the health and safety of the household and the general public.

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