Weddings are great to think about. The beautiful decorations, dresses out of a Disney movie, great variety of food and of course the dreamy location. Whether you are a guy or a girl everyone has thought of what his or her wedding would like. There is something heart-warming about thinking about the day you say yes to the love of your life. However, once you do start planning is when you realize you may have been wearing rose-coloured glasses prior to this.

Organizing a wedding is not easy and is not for the faint hearted. The organizing and coordinating can be a stressful process. Many say at the end of the planning there are too tired to enjoy the ceremony. Therefore, this is when a wedding planner comes in handy. This person will be the one coordinating and organizing everything from deco to who wears what and this job is definitely not for the faint hearted. Here are some of the most important duties and skills of a wedding planner.

Friendly but tough

 Nothing is more important than being comfortable with the person planning your big day. A wedding planner should be an amiable, friendly and confident person. People are not going to come to you if they feel like you cannot handle the task. However, their balancing skills should be on point. From making a way to make all the couple ideas come to life and making sure vendors cooperate, a wedding planner has to be great at acting friendly but tough.

Be a visualizer

When you are in charge of planning an event, you should be able to visualize your ideas and deliver them accurately. This person has to have a great eye and be able to bring to life their creations such as Gian Blundo, who has been known to execute dream weddings perfectly.

Have set suppliers

 Being in the service industry is hard; being in the service industry without your trustee suppliers is even tougher. Contact building is of prime importance. A wedding planner has to have great PR skills, while not only being able to build up contacts who are able to provide wedding amenities, they should know how to keep them too. When a wedding planner is known to have good suppliers, who carry out a task well, they become trust-worthier resulting in better business.

Love what they do

When you have to plan someone else’s wedding, you are bound to step on a few toes. There will be misunderstandings and even disagreements; these cannot hinder your progress. When a wedding planner truly loves their job of creating a special day for someone else, they give their job a 110%.  They will know that every wedding is going to be different and requirements will never be the same. Their patience, time, creativity and skill will all be tested in different ways.

However, it is a rewarding job and once you master the skill needed for it.


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