Putting your television up on the wall seems like a really good idea on the surface. It will save you a lot of floor space and will also lift up the screen so that the whole room will be able to see it with ease. But that said, if you get into this without the right plan or the information, it can actually end up becoming a bit of a disaster. So, if you are planning on getting ahead with this idea, here are some questions that you must be asking yourself and planning accordingly.

Do You Have Enough Space for All of The Components?

If you happen to be like most individuals you are sure to have several different devices that are curved up to your television. For example, some of these can be cable boxes, game consoles, DVRs and that means that all of these devices will need to have enough space to be placed and space for their cords so that they can reach the output ports of the television. 

Great way to get this done is to ask for advice from your specialists in tv wall mounting Sydney and then get perhaps, a floating shelf installed just underneath. You can actually also place a bookshelf underneath the television and make use of that to place all of the devices that you need. If there are no holes through the back of the bookshelf, all you will need to do, is drill one in there.

Do You Have A Way to Keep the Cords Concealed?

Even if the television mounted up your wall looks sleek, the final effect can be ruined by having a complete mess of cables clearly visible that run up the wall. Maybe you do not have any devices that are connected but there will still be one cord that trails down to the power socket, right?

If you want to hide this too you do have a few different options. You will be able to get the cords installed within the wall but of course by a professional. You will also be able to install a power outlet behind the television so that the cord does not need to hang out visibly. You can also buy a cord cover or a cord hider.

Will Your Wall Be Able to Take It?

The first thin perhaps that you do need to think about when deciding on this is whether or not your wall will be able to take on the weight. Some of the modern televisions still happen to be rather heavy as compared to the biggest wall hanging pieces that you may have.

Because of this you will need to have studs in place so that the screws can be anchored. if there are no studs you can always choose a different location where your television will be hung up. Do not also use any kind of drywall anchor to hang this up. The anchors will get pulled out through the drywall and your television will just fall to the floor.


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