Automobile enthusiasts, unite! This list is for anyone who is obsessed with DIY automotive maintenance, such as car washing and detailing. We’ve compiled a list of ten important auto care tools you’ll need to keep your car looking great for years to come. Remember to bring your QuickJack auto lift with you to make your job even easier.


If you’re tired of dealing with mud stains, water swirls, and painting scratches, you’ll appreciate a pair of high-quality car washing buckets, each featuring a dirt screening that collects dirt and filth in the bucket’s bottom. These screens keep small dirt particles from clinging to the sponge and damaging the paint on your car. When it comes to auto detailing, most automotive guys and gals will prefer to employ the two-bucket car wash procedure. Plus, as long as you use QuickJack, your car lift is fully waterproof, so go ahead and elevate your car!

Car wash hand mitt

Not to mention the obvious! Car detailing requires large, spongy car wash mitts. They’re non-abrasive, super-absorbent, and when you smack them on your hood, they create a wonderful THWAAP. All is well in the world after a straight-line cleaning motion.

Brushes and Applicators

These brushes can be used for a variety of tasks and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. Brushes also come in a variety of coarsenesses, so the brush you are using to scrape dirt off your tires will be different from the one you are using to scrape dirt off your paint. It’s a must-have for car maintenance.

Foam cannon

When it comes to auto detailing, a foam cannon is a sure-fire way of covering the most contact area in the shortest amount of time possible. They shampoo your vehicle from top to bottom so you can sponge it down quickly. They’re also entertaining to use and will wow your pals (or the cute neighbour).

Blower and Vacuum

These dirt-removal instruments are commonplace in auto detailing. Before you clean or wipe down your interior, make sure it’s free of all the gunk. A handheld vacuum/blower will work wonders, capturing everything that a basic sweeping misses, particularly on vehicle carpet. You can buy Flex power tools and polishers for this.

Plastic razor blades

Steel razor blades work well for removing the old stickers from windows, although they can harm chrome and paint. For auto detailing, craftsmen prefer plastic blades. Never again take the chance of scraping, scratching, or harming any element of your vehicle. Plastic blades are inexpensive and long-lasting.

Drying tools

A proper car wash, at the very least, necessitates a good drying. Many skilled DIYers choose chamois since it’s an absorbent cloth that doesn’t leave stains or residue. To avoid water stains, at the very minimum, use a microfiber towel; these seemingly harmless but unsightly stains contain small amounts of mineral deposits that can degrade paint if left unchecked.

Auto detailing belt

One of the advantages of DIY work is that you appear to be busy doing something you enjoy, so others will leave you alone. Stop allowing yourself to be drawn away by uninteresting activities with individuals you don’t want to be with and get busy! Invest on an auto detailing belt and fill it with your tools. It will make your task more efficient, easier, and comfortable, and no one will mistake your crucial detailing and washing for idleness.


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