Food is something that gets spoiled easily. Microorganisms like bacteria and fungi are responsible for the spoilage of food. When we go grocery shopping, we try to get whatever we need in quite a large amount as this would prevent going to grocery shopping often and would enable you to save time. When food is brought home, you need to make sure you prepare and store them in such a way that it doesn’t get spoiled.

The main organisms responsible are the bacteria and fungi. When bacteria and fungi feed on food they break down food and release certain harmful factors which when ingested may cause adverse effects on the body.

How do you know if the food is spoiled?

Slimy film on the food: this you can see with the meat and also fruits and vegetables, if this is seen on your food throw them out immediately.

Mould: this is something which is so obvious, they are of black colour and appear in meaty stuff, bread and fruits and vegetables. Only a couple of spots are harmless you can just cut them off and eat the rest but if the entire food is involved you have to throw it away.

Changing of colour: some foods can be consumed even if they have changed colours whereas some others you shouldn’t, for example a banana may change colour form green to yellow and this shows it is ripe and can be consumed. Usually, the food that has gone bad with colour change may also show some other sign like bad smell or become slimy.

Bad smell: things that have gone bad usually give off a bad odour and is one of the signs of spoilage.

Be very careful when eating canned food look for any bulging, broken seal or if they have any rust and throw them away if you see of these signs because of the risk of botulism.

Store food properly

Food not stored properly would go bad soon, fruits and vegetables stored out in the open can spoil quickly therefore put them in the refrigerator. Check the temperature of the fridge and make sure it is less than 40 F. Another reason you may have food spoilage even if you have stored food in the fridge is because the fridge may have some problem with cooling. So, make sure to contact fridge repair service in Melbourne to get your fridge fixed.


Microorganism love the moisture and grow very well. Remove the moisture by dehydrating the food. You can do this by heating the food.

Don’t wash fruits and vegetables before storing them because this increases the moisture in the food.

Don’t stock

Although it is easy to buy in bulk don’t do that, unless they are dry goods; get food stuff like meat and vegetables in small quantities.

Arrange your food stuff properly

When you organize food make sure to do it according to the expiry date so you can use up what expires soon first.


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