How do you choose the best cattle prod? Everything discussed below would help. Read ahead.


Probably the most important aspect of choosing a cattle prod would be its length. The length you should get depends on the distance that’s usually between you and the cattle. In general, most prods are between 24-36 inches.

An option that’s the ideal length would make sure you don’t get too close to large animals like buffalos or cows, which could put you in danger.

Safety features

Cattle prods produce electric currents, so there is the possibility that you may accidentally shock yourself. Purchase an option that will come with safety features. 

A popular safety feature is rubber handles for insulation. Many cattle prods also come with closed-circuit designs to prevent you from getting electrocuted. Quite a few choices havecut-off safety buttons to prevent you from accidentally switching the tool on too.

Battery Life

The tools come in two main battery types. One is the rechargeable type, while the other is the basic 2 or 4C battery type.

The rechargeable option would come with a large capacity, and it can be charged multiple times. The tools with basic 2 or 4 C batteries would be cheap. To be honest, there isn’t a big difference between prods with the two different batteries. It all depends on which you like more.

Stiff vs Flexible

The tool’s rod is its most important part. It will influence how easy it would be to use. The rods can either be flexible or stiff. Flexible options are made from rubber, while their stiff counterparts would be made from fiberglass. A flexible rod might be the most worth your time, as it’d be the most affordable, and it’d be less likely to break.


The prod is most likely going to be used in rough and messy settings. Your cattle might kick or crush it, which is why you should get one that is very durable. The best way to check how durable the product you’re interested in is through reviews. As mentioned, flexible prods are the best. They’re less likely to break than stiffer alternatives.


Consider how expensive the tool would be. You should shop for cattle prods online – online sellers have the least overhead costs, so you can buy quality choices for not much. The specific brand you’re buying from would affect the price as well.


The voltage in cattle prods differs. The voltage in the choice you pick up depends solely on its design. Usually, the tools will produce no more than 9 volts. Yes, 9 volts is quite low. However, it’s still enough to cause pain, so don’t zap animals with it unnecessarily.

To summarize, there is quite a lot to consider. Make sure you get a cattle prod that is the right length. Otherwise, you could be too close to your cattle which could put you in danger. The choice you buy needs to not be too high in voltage, as it would


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